Prof Lars Muckli                                                                                

My research focuses on cortical feedback and predictive coding in the visual cortex. We use functional brain imaging (fMRI, TMS, EEG) to investigate how the brain constructs internal models and feeds information back to primary visual cortex, V1. We investigate visual illusions, and contextual processing in non-feedforward stimulated parts of V1.

My research is funded by the EU with a 5-year grant worth € 1.5 million (ERC consolidator grant: 'Brain Reading of contextual feedback and predictions'). You can find further description of my research, news coverage, and job opportunities on my lab webpage:

I received my first degree in Psychology (Giessen, Germany) in 1997, and my PhD in 2002 for work with Rainer Goebel (Neurocognition, Maastricht University, Netherlands) and Wolf Singer (Neurophysiology, Max Planck Institute-Frankfurt, Germany). Between 1996 and 2006 I worked at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (Frankfurt, Germany). I moved to the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, Glasgow in 2007.