High field fMRI at the Imaging Centre of Excellence 

The Muckli lab performs functional brain imaging of cortical predictive processing in the healthy brain, now extending to schizophrenia and autism. We bridge submillimetre brain imaging data with convolutional neural networks, behavioural measures and multiscale neuroscience to test predictive cortical computations. Our research contributes empirical data to theories of biological intelligence such as predictive processing and hierarchical temporal memory, and inspires architectures in artificially intelligent models of biological vision. 

We have extended our experiments to cortical layer-specific analyses using high-field fMRI. The University of Glasgow's College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences, with the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, is home to a 7 Tesla Siemens Magnetom Terra MRI scanner. More information about The Imaging Centre of Excellence can be found here, and our Muckli Lab 7T page is found here.