Supervision of PhD Students

2014                  Paton, Angus

2013                  Morgan, Andrew

2013                  Bennett, Matthew 

2012                  Revina, Yulia

2012                  McGruer, Fiona

2011                 Edwards, Grace: studying the inter-hemispheric transference of the predictive signal, one  publication (Frontiers in Perception Science)

2009                  Alink, Arjen: MPI- Frankfurt, 4th year, one first-author paper (J.Neurosci) one first-author (pending final revision, J Neurosci), five co-authorships published (J Cogn Neurosci, Vis Res, Plos One, NeuroImage, Brain Res)

2009                  Carvalho, Fabiana: supervision of PhD exchange student from University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, 3 abstracts (selected for oral presentations, one paper in preparation)

2008              Weigelt, Sarah: Neurovision – Neuroimaging studies of illusory perception (2008, Maastricht – with highest honours). Now post-doc in Nancy Kanwisher Lab, MIT, Boston, MA, USA

2009                Jurcoane, Alina: Interocular transfer of orientation specific fMRI adaptation in normal and amblyopic subjects (jointly supervised with R. Sireteanu, 2008 Frankfurt). Now: post-doc RA in Frankfurt

2008                  Hodzic, Amra: Differential responses to self and others in the human extrastriate body area: An fMRI study (jointly supervised With Prof. W. Singer, 2008, Frankfurt). Now: post-doc RA (DFG grant)

2007                 Wibral, Michael: The BOLD fMRI signal under anaesthesia and hyperoxia (2002-2007,  Darmstadt);  Now: MEG Lab Manager BIC Frankfurt

2006               Naumer, Marcus Object perception by ear and eye (2001-2006, Maastricht). Assistant Professor University of Frankfurt

2006               Kohler, Axel: Motion, Attention, and visual awareness (2003-2006, Maastricht). Now Principal Investigator MPI –Frankfurt     

2001                Meienbrock, Ariane: (Fiesser) Multisensory integration (2001 – 2002, broken off and left for Boston Consulting)


Supervision of Post Docs

2016               Dr Johanna Bergmann (ERC grant)

2013                Dr Luca Vizioli (ERC grant)

2012                Dr Lucy Petro (ERC grant)

2009                Dr Petra Vetter (BBSRC grant)

2008              Dr Fraser Smith, we started a new research agenda on visual prediction that led to a successful BBSRC grant, and six conference abstracts, two publications.

2006-2008       Dr Amanda Kaas (Post-doc on DFG grant, now Post-doc in Rainer Goebel Lab Maastricht)


Supervised MS/Diplom Students

Andrew Tyler Morgan (Glasgow 2013), Elizabeth Bolton (Glasgow 2013), Ewelina Katarzyna Janiak (Glasgow 2013)

Fiona McGruer (Glasgow 2012), Victoria Shellia (Glasgow 2012), Hans-Christian Rath (Glasgow 2012), Natalia Banach (Glasgow 2012)

Grace Edwards (Glasgow 2011)

Caspar M. Schwiedrzik (Konstanz, 2007); Matthias Dhum (Mainz 2007); Disparity Processing in the Human Visual Cortex revealed by Natural Three-Dimensional Images.

Melnikovic, Katharina (Landau 2006); Visual motion processing in humans and monkeys - fMRI of non-human primates.

Alink, Arjen (Maastricht 2005); Neuronal Correlates of Audiovisual Integration Based on Spatiotemporal Congruency.

Kröger, Sören (Giessen 2005); The extrastriate body region in dissociation from surrounding regions.

Weigelt, Sarah (Düsseldorf 2004); Interactions of Motion and Form Processing in the Human Visual Brain.

Kohler, Axel (Tübingen 2003); Combining functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation in the study of apparent motion..

Fiesser, Ariane (Berlin 2002); Effects of audio-visual spatial integration on retinotopic areas in human visual cortex - an fMRI study.

Kieß, Stefan (Mainz 2001);   Untersuchung am visuellen System amblyoper Probanden mittels ereigniskorrelierter funktioneller Magnetresonanztomographie.

Tonhausen, Nathalie (Frankfurt am Main 2000); Psychophysische und kernspintomographische Untersuchungen zur Amblyopie.