I am a cognitive neuroscientist interested in how context and prediction guide processing at neuronal and cognitive levels. I work as a Research Fellow with Prof Lars Muckli using high-field functional brain imaging to study contextual and predictive processing in the visual system. I previously worked with Prof Philippe Schyns using EEG and fMRI to study top-down effects during face processing, and Prof Winrich Freiwald at Rockefeller University in New York using electrophysiology and fMRI. I am also interested in how complex and flexible predictions govern behaviour and emotional responses, and how maladaptive higher-level internal models can be altered with psychotherapeutic intervention. In addition, I am a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, working with integrative models of therapy.

Publications & Talks:

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Lucy.Petro@glasgow.ac.uk, +44 (0)141 330 1607

Room 625, Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, 62 Hillhead Street, Glasgow, G12 8QB